Who Does This, You?

Not for children; or, at least, I’m too cautious on health to be cavalier about that. Grown-ups get a maybe, but, as an adult, you’ll decide for yourself. And navel-gazers are welcome.

Adults, Mainly

What I’m saying is for adults only, or possibly for emancipated minors in upper teen years. This may be common among college students with papers due. I don’t know enough about physiology of anyone younger, and I’m not addressing family pressures and obligations. You’re a kid? When they toss you out the door, maybe try shortchanging your sleep then.

Doctors Doing This

Not that doctors totally object. They run insane hours. Maybe they know something we don’t. Or maybe they slip more and patients die. Some doctors do okay. But some cause awful mistakes. And many hospitals traditionally make a habit of stressful overwork on consecutive shifts, to save money, and maybe because senior doctors learned that way so why not you. Don’t let your boss do this to you. Conserve your energy.


Look inside you. Be introspective. If you reject that as navel-gazing, you can’t carry this out.

If anyone calls you a zombie, maybe read that as a warning. People can call you names for fun or insult or accident or who knows why, but sometimes their choice of name is a clue. Hear the hint.

Scientists in psychology have found that some people have high self-awareness, and they describe this as a form of intelligence. This is for intelligent people. If you depend on other people to tell you about you, I feel sorry for you. You probably won’t be able to do this.

But maybe I should be careful here. People who are less self-aware may not be aware of it. People might confuse being egotistical or being generally proud of one’s accomplishments with self-awareness. Those accomplishments took knowledge and skill within the person and a team player cannot just lie around, but achieving hugely is not the same thing as having insights into yourself, mainly how your mind works and how your body is working, more insights into yourself than most people have into themselves. Test yourself. If you have it, your judgment on something as edgy as this will be more accurate and more reliable than other people’s views about you.

Slashing sleep is for adults who know themselves well. It’s dangerous for anyone else.

Websites of Interest

These websites have some interesting content, although I disagree with some of it:

Health advice from reliable sources favoring normal sleep:

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Opinions, probably from laity:

Other information:

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