Dumping the Social

You’ll acquire a reputation. Ignore it. This is for the self-motivated only.

You won’t make friends this way. You could be known as weird, strange, and compelling. Social life is for other people. You won’t have one.

Consider it a specialty. Being a socialite. Like being a physician or a carpenter. If someone wants any of those, they can look in Craigslist or the yellow pages. You’re busy.

Companions tend to want attention. That’s fine if it advances the project. Otherwise, you’ll lose time.

Close companions tend to examine what you’re doing. They’ll want to apply good common sense. Trouble is, you’re relying on your uncommon sense of self. There’ll be a clash.

Worse, they’ll act on your behalf. You’ll find out about it too late. Or never. Meanwhile, your colleagues will adjudge you unreliable. Your friend’s intervention will have proven it.

Dodge Their Parties

Ignore other people’s parties, no matter who’s throwing them. Even if the chair of the board is throwing it, skip it, unless it’s a fundraiser or similarly useful. Party attendance is hard work that contributes roughly nothing. Your unsaid message is that we all need to focus on productive work. If you need personal entertainment, arrange your own.

Relaxing, reading a book, roaring music out of a radio: these three “R”s don’t require an hour of cleanup. You’ll be refreshed.


Sex is about many things, but sleep is not one of them.

Not to slip about the serious, let’s simply say that spelling sixty minutes of snooze is a solid sendoff of anything in the way. Set aside time another time.

No social life for this. It’s enough that you’re polite. You depend on yourself, which is why you can do this.

Websites of Interest

These websites have some interesting content, although I disagree with some of it:

Health advice from reliable sources favoring normal sleep:

Other reliable sources:

Opinions, probably from laity:

Other information:

(Sources: All except one of the links to these websites of interest were as accessed , the exception being the link to Tuck, which was accessed or .)