The Mental Thing

Being self-centered is key. Mania is fun but depression not so much, and you want enough self-awareness to prevent going there when you’re near the edge anyway. If you’ll need a professional psychological workup, you don’t want to try this project.

Mania and Depression

If you’re clinically manic-depressive, beware that this intensity of mania could be followed by a swing into serious depression. Bipolar disorder. Sleep is affected by it. Some people die. Once that happens, you can’t change your mind. Maybe you shouldn’t do this at all.

Mental Illness Trap

You probably should not have health insurance that covers mental illness, and you should not have much money of your own or in your family. That includes coverage from your school, employer, or government, since some of that is awfully generous in the wrong direction. But now that psychological coverage is built into insurance for many people, you’ll have to manage things. Good luck.

Mania without depression isn’t an official diagnosis yet, but there are plenty of others that’ll fit just fine. Someone could haul you in, and telling the doctor your schedule and a few minor details could nail you. So what if you sue? What judge will let you out?

You’re depriving yourself of sleep, and, by most people’s reckoning, you’re doing it for no compelling reason. As far as they’re concerned, your work could’ve been done by someone else, or by you later or earlier, so it’s not compelling enough. That amounts to doing harm to self. Yours. Lots of doctors get paid to think that’s insane, and many judges accept that. If you have money, they can take it from you and tell you about it later. Try hiring a lawyer without money. When you’re calling collect, promising to pay a fee sounds delusional. Many instruct their staffs to hang up.

No Mental Evaluations

Try to steer clear of being mentally evaluated in the first place.

If this does befall you, have a friend who’s willing to spend money for you. The money is for a lawyer to represent you (very costly) or a psychiatrist to take over your care (much less costly, maybe). If your family put you away, they probably will tell the hospital that your friend is a bad influence, and prevent contact. Brace yourself for a few weeks of incarceration, hospital clothing, pharmaceuticals, and shuffling like clockwork before you get word out to anyone able and willing to act. See if therapy is fun.

If you’re going to need a mental evaluation, drop this project. Get 8 hours of sleep every night. Tell people it’s your religion.

Being self-centered is the key. You know yourself, you watch yourself, you don’t go over the edge.

Websites of Interest

These websites have some interesting content, although I disagree with some of it:

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