Red Flags: Amateur Psych

A handful of behavioral cues can flag you before you go overboard.

Rattled and Halt

Stress happens. When you get cranky, nervous, or tense or start yelling without much cause, stop. Maybe snatch a wink.

To preserve your mind, be ready to stop in an instant. That means resigning the project (health reasons are good) or restructuring your obligations to be more normal.

Forgot Already?

You might forget exactly what was discussed, and that could be dangerous. Write things down right then, or right afterwards, even if that’s not your custom. Better yet, snatch a nap before discussing things and, after you wake up, do something before the big talk, so you’ll be sharp.

We all forget something sometime. The brain is less than three pounds of nerves. Forgetting frees space. But if you’re forgetting more than your usual, maybe your brain got fried and is demanding serious snooze. Go crash for the night.

Not Just Focus

Don’t focus as a substitute for sleep. Sure, you’ll focus. And you’ll react. But when your judgment goes bad you may very well overreact or react too slowly or in the wrong direction. You may cause major harm. You may be totally unable to fix it.

If you told yourself to focus five times in five minutes, you’re losing it. Get zzz while you’re ahead.

Cranky, tense, or forgetful, those are signs to catnap. Focusing is not a substitute for taking off.

Websites of Interest

These websites have some interesting content, although I disagree with some of it:

Health advice from reliable sources favoring normal sleep:

Other reliable sources:

Opinions, probably from laity:

Other information:

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