I’ve read very little literature on the subject and may never have kept a record of most of the sources I’ve read, so I can’t cite much of it.

How to Stay Awake All Night at a Sleepover, in wikiHow: This collects some tips on staying up all night for fun. I don’t agree with all of this, it’s not based on doing some work as a reason for staying up, and it’s limited to staying up one night. It has some references at the end and they may be useful reading.

Heart and Sole: Detroiter Walks 21 Miles in Work Commute, in the Detroit Free Press: An employee walks so much that he gets about two hours of sleep a night during his 5-day workweek and, on the weekends, sleeps a lot. He’s in his 50s and runs a factory machine. I question whether he should run a machine on two hours of sleep, but the factory management knows about it, and I guess it’s worked out all right. (After this article came out, he was given a car. Bus service was inadequate.)

Literature you might like.

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These websites have some interesting content, although I disagree with some of it:

Health advice from reliable sources favoring normal sleep:

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