Note to Readers: Editorial Sequence

Editorial note to readers: Normally, a writer should group related ideas together, by, for example, placing all the health warnings up front. I prefer to distribute some of the ideas instead.

Grouping makes it too easy to skip ahead to the “good stuff,” as it were, whereas I want to keep exposing readers to the important information, such as health warnings, and make it harder to avoid them.

If you’d rather not keep these various issues in mind simultaneously and deal with them, you shouldn’t embark on this course.

Random Pages

Random-page links are offered on some pages. The random order was set in advance. Thus, the order is now predictable, can be viewed in many browsers by looking in the source code for various pages, and generally probably is not useful independently of its purpose. It was set in advance mostly by using a spreadsheet program that has a function for randomly assigning numbers and those numbers were applied to a list of pages. This simplified the programming of this website, keeps page loading relatively fast (because specialized additional programming does not have to be loaded), reduces my website maintenance burden, and likely still provides a surprise for some visitors to this website by exposing unexpected pages for their consideration.

This site’s content is varied and not in an obvious order, so you should see all the important warnings anyway.

Websites of Interest

These websites have some interesting content, although I disagree with some of it:

Health advice from reliable sources favoring normal sleep:

Other reliable sources:

Opinions, probably from laity:

Other information:

(Sources: All except one of the links to these websites of interest were as accessed , the exception being the link to Tuck, which was accessed or .)